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UWG 1101 Module on Mentoring

Instructions: The purpose of this module is to learn the values of mentorship and to become able to enter into constructive mentoring relationships with others. The scope includes both becoming a mentee and becoming a mentor to others. For each part of this module, either read the text or view the video (with or without captions) and completed the activity. Complete and submit each of the three activities as instructed by your professor.

This multimedia module assumes your ability to navigate a web site and that your computer or mobile device can play video with audio. If you need help ask for help with the technology. A text version of the video content is made available below. Pursuant to Section 508 Guidelines, this site is designed to be used with adaptive technologies and includes closed captions. Graphics are derived from appropriate sources and conform to appropriate guidelines.

  Part 1 -- What is mentoring?

  Part 2 -- Why we need mentors.

  Part 3 -- Value of mentoring from the view of a prospective mentor.